Packing Tips

Prepping for a Local Move: Before the Movers Arrive

Whether you are moving 10 miles or 30 miles there are just some things that need to get taken care of before the movers show up:

  • Disconnect and unplug your appliances and electronics

*Helpful Hint- Take a picture so you remember how to reconnect everything

  • Un-mount any TVs from walls

*Movers will not un-mount your flat-screen

  • Stash your cash and prescription medications

*Make sure any money, valuables and medications are with you

  • Hazardous Materials

*Use or give up motor oils, antifreeze, paint, charcoal, propane tanks, fertilizers, pesticides, chemicals,

car batteries, cleaning supplies and other flammable, explosive or corrosive items

  • Pets & Other Living Things

*Movers will move your plants but not your pets. Remove all pets from tanks and cages that the movers are taking

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