Month : October 2016



It comes a time in everyone’s life when a few friends and truck isn’t enough to move anymore. As people get older they acquire things. From larger more substantial furniture items, electronics, kitchen pots-pans-appliances and everything that you have collected or accumulated throughout the years. It eventually gets to a point where you either buy a home or move into an apartment that you plan on staying in for a long while.  When that time comes here are 10 must have items that will help make it a long term home.

  1. ART YOU LOVE- it’s time to frame and display all the great pieces you have been storing away
  2. BOOKSHELF- Consider the bookshelf an inspirational place to display everything that’s uniquely you—then you can personalize and change it over the years as you see fit
  3. MATCHING TOWELS- Buy at least two sets of towels that you’re happy to use and proud to lend to house guests.
  4. PLANTS- Plants will make your home feel more permanent
  5. A NICE MATTRESS- invest in your bed during your adult life
  6. A COLLECTION- start a collection that showcases your travels or things you love
  7. BATHROOM ACCESSORIES THAT AREN’T PLASTIC- time to upgrade from the dollar store bathroom aisle
  8. CANDLES- scented candles not the ones from back in the day shaped like a mushroom that smelled like burning plastic when they were lit
  9. TWO BED SIDE TABLES- this not only adds balance to your adult bed but is very useful for overnight guests
  10. A GOOD THROW- not only useful but looks great on the couch or chair


Long Distance Relationship Stats

So when the long distance becomes  unbearable let us help you on your long distance move. According to the stats roughly 14 months

Long Distance Relationship Statistics                                                                                                 Data

Total percentage of U.S. marriages that are considered long distance relationships                   2.9%

Average amount of time for long distance relationship to break up if it’s not going to work  4.5 months

Total percentage of long distance relationships that fail when changes aren’t planned for          70%

Total amount of couple who claim they’re in a long distance relationship                                   14 million

Total percentage of marriages in U.S. that start as a long distance relationship                              10%

Total percentage of college relationships that are long distance                                                       32.5%

Total percent of long distance relationships that break-up                                                                  40%

Total percentage of engaged couples that have been in a long distance relationship                      75%

Total amount of marriages that are long distance relationships                                               3.75 million

Long Distance Time Averages                                                                                                               Time

The following shows both the average (median) response and the range of 95% of LDRs from a sample of over 200

Average distance couple in LDR lived from each other                                                                          125 miles

Average times couple visited each other per month                                                                                          1.5

Average amount of time in between phone calls                                                                                       2.7 days

Average amount of letters written to each other per month                                                                               3

Av. amount of time expected to be separated before LDR couple can move closer together      14months


Sweet Home Chicago

This is a great time to be a Chicago sports fan. Being a Chicago based business we would love to show our support for the Chicago Cubs! We extend our cheers to all our Chicago teams. If we don’t get em’ this year- there’s always next year. Cheers Chicago!