Month : December 2016

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What You Need to Know to Get Approved for a Home Loan

Before house-hunting ever begins, it is good to know just how much house the borrower can afford. By planning ahead, time will be saved in the long run and applying for loans that may be turned down and bidding on properties that cannot be obtained are avoided. Know what banks are the best ones to determine individual eligibility is very helpful information needed before even looking for a home.

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Things to get Rid of Before Moving

Packing is the best time to get rid of all the extra stuff you don’t want or need. Why pack it if you don’t need or want it anymore? Here are some things you should get rid of before taking the time to pack them:

Clothes- I you haven’t worn something in 6 months get rid of it. If it doesn’t fit or just isn’t your style anymore it is time to let it go.

Junk- Old posters, appliances you never use, books you’ve never read, free promo items, crappy presents you’ve never touched, and so many unmentionables. If you can’t justify a legitimate reason why you need to hold onto something, get rid of it. Junk is junk is junk and it takes up a lot of space.

Magazines- All those cooking and design magazines you are holding on too. It’s time for them to go. It’s okay to hold onto your favorites, but you don’t need them all. So into the recycling they go!

DVD and CD cases- Unless you are a truly die-hard collector and you just have to have the cases in tact, really, they’re just going to take up a ton of room. It’s so much more compact to put them all in one of those books with CD sleeves.

Old electronics- Time to get rid of any old stereo equipment, laptops, computer stuff and old remotes. If you don’t use it toss or donate it.

Mail and Notebooks- Toss all those receipts and bills that are just taking up space. Get rid of all those handwritten notebooks that you never use or reference any more.

Borrowed Items- Time to return all the stuff you borrowed.

Stuffed Animals-  They are a ton of wasted space  that could be making other children happy instead.

Bathroom Stuff- Time to purge all your almost empty bottles of lotion and other bottles. Clean out all the old make-up you never wear. Expired vitamins or medicines.

Doubles- If you already have one get rid of the other one. Especially if you barely use the first one.

Kitchen Stuff- So much and be cleaned out. Chipped anything- get rid of it! Appliances or cookware that you never use. Gadgets or as seen on TV items that take up space. Old kitchen towels. Spices and pantry item that will never or have ever been used.

Anything you forgot was there in the first place- Unless it is something you genuinely thought you lost and mourned for a long time, if you find something while you’re packing and are surprised by its existence, you didn’t miss it enough to justify keeping it in your life.

Vases and Nick-Nacks- All those vases that once came with flowers and all those little dust collecting items that have no purpose or sentimental value can all be donated or recycled.



The Weekend is Here! Time for a Moving Packing Party

There was a time when all you needed was a few boxes, some garbage bags and a car and you would be completely moved out. As you get older the number of boxes you need grows and does the amount of items you have. You now have gone from a few car loads to a full size moving truck. In addition to needing a truck you will probably need movers as well. A friends willingness to help move also changes We accumulate larger, heavier more substantial pieces that you want professionals to handle. But friends can still come in handy to help pack all of your other “stuff”. So throw a packing party!

Be honest and let everyone know what you expect from them. Don’t take it personally if someone declines.

Make it fun. Have drinks and food available. Play some music or have the game on as everyone is working.

Set a group goal or make it a competition between individuals and rooms that are being packed up.

Be prepared. Have plenty of tape, newspaper and packing material available for your party guests/helpers.

Use the help to organize and stack boxes and bring furniture into one room – so when the movers show up they can be in and out.

When it’s all over and you are finally moved in and unpacked at your new place have everyone that helped over for a fun night of not packing and just hanging out.



Relocating Your Fish Tank

Transferring your aquarium to a place that requires you to travel for more than a day makes special handling of both your tank and your fish necessary.

Be aware that you  have personally handle the special requirements of your fish. Movers in general will not move or be responsible so relocating fish or any other pets.

Provide your fish with the proper long-term traveling environment that they will need. Be especially mindful of extremes in temperature and water leakage issues. Review all your safety precautions carefully before trying to transport your extremely fragile aquarium.

Attached is a great read by experienced animal vets.

Moving Your Aquarium, how to



Color Meanings

When trying to choose a color palette for your new home/apartment it’s good to know what each color means or what each color emotionally provokes. Here is a quick reference or click on the photo to learn more.