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Packing Tips

What the Heck is Partial Packing?

Partial packing is the most cost-effective packing-of-furniture solution out there. Its aim is to make a customer’s relocation as smooth a transition as possible. Partial packing service covers all basic household furniture. It includes moving pads and blankets, industrial sized bubble wrap, durable shrink wrap, and specialized packing tape.

Moving pads and blankets are the most regularly used protector for furniture during the transportation phase. The most common furniture item that is packaged with a moving pad is wooden furniture. China cabinets, dining tables, office desks, and anything of the like will be securely packaged in blankets. Aside from what was just mentioned, items that are irregularly shaped will be covered as well. An irregularly shaped item can be as common as an office chair, to a disassembled bed frame, or even a BBQ. The moving pad is the most versatile tool a packer has.

Bubble wrap is used on any and all fragile items. When it comes to packing glass/fragile items extra protection has to be accounted for. This is why a mover can’t use generic wrapping, rather the industrial standard of bubble wrap. This type of wrap will protect anything from a TV, to the glass top on your coffee table. All mirrors that are part of your moving list will also have a layer of this security wrap. Fragile items that are packed with bubble wrap give those moving the reassurance that their most delicate belongings will remain undamaged.

Upholstered furniture requires special protection from the elements. The shrink wrap movers use will keep your most cherished upholstered furniture clean and safe during transportation. Common items that are wrapped in shrink wrap include sofas, mattresses, and floor lamps. Dust, rain, and dirt stand no chance against multi-layering of shrink wrap on your belongings.

The most important tool a packer has is tape. Tape is used on almost every single item. Special tear-resistant tape helps movers secure their specialized materials to all of your furniture. When it comes to using tape, movers aren’t sparing.

Packing Tips

Packing Boxes! WOOHOO!

The 6 most common type of boxes are:

  1. Small (Book) Box
  2. Medium Box
  3. Large Box
  4. Wardrobe Box
  5. Picture Box
  6. China (Dish Pack) Box

Small boxes should contain your heaviest items, that aren’t super fragile. Make sure you stuff these guys with smaller items that carry weight, i.e. books, CD’s, bricks, etc.

Medium boxes should hold everything else that you wouldn’t put in a small or large box. All miscellaneous items, such as: contents in your drawers, remotes, cable boxes, kid’s toys, etc.

Large boxes should be filled with anything that takes up a lot of volume, but isn’t too heavy. Common items that go in large boxes are shoes, clothing, linens, etc.

Wardrobe boxes hold articles of clothing that are on a hanger. This tall box has a metal rod near the top that can support 25-50 hangers.

Picture boxes are used to carry pictures, mirrors, and/or TV’s. Depending on a picture/mirrors size, you can fit anywhere from 1-5 pieces per box.

China boxes are meant to hold any fragile items. These range from dishes and china, to lamps and fragile decorative pieces.

Most movers offer a full pack options. Taking this route means that the movers will bring their own boxes and pack every last item in your home. WHOA!